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The Feminist Newbie Forum

Basic Principles of Feminism, Homework Help, etc.

Feminism 101 - Basics, Discussion, Homework Help
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Welcome to Feminist_101!

This is a sister community to feminist and we intend for this community to be used for beginner questions, discussions, as well as "homework help" posts. If you already have a handle on the basics of feminist theory, we invite you to stick around to help out the newbies!

· Please keep everything on-topic. This means that your posts should relate to feminism in some way. Examples of acceptable posts: asking about basic concepts of feminism (i.e., "what do you mean by privilege?" "why do some feminists hate porn?" "what is the equal rights amendment?"), taking opinions for a school assignment (i.e., "I have to take a survey for class." "I'm writing a term paper and I need more information on this subject.")

· Please extend respect towards your fellow community members. This includes using the appropriate language for this forum.

· If you are going to leave the community, then do so like a mature adult. We really don't need to see "I HATE YOU ALL YOU FEMI-NATZEES I AM LEAVING AND TAKING MY TOYS WITH ME" on our friends lists. This is your warning. You will receive an auto-ban if you post this drivel.

· If you have been banned, take it like an adult. If you wish to appeal your ban, you may contact the mods through email (link provided below). If you come back under another username, you will be reported to LJ Abuse and I will never reinstate your membership. Attempting to circumvent a ban is against LJ's TOS.

· Please use the lj-cut tag feature if you have a very long post, have graphs, if your post could be triggering in any way, etc. Please also put a small description of what is under the cut.
For example: ( Possible sexual assault triggers under cut )
( Cut for length )

How to create lj-cut tags: FAQ #75.
How to edit your post: FAQ #119

· Please direct all community promotions to community_promo. You may contact the moderating team if you would like to be linked to the community's user info.

· Do not disable comments or delete comment threads. If you do this, your post WILL be removed. If you feel that another member has said made an out of line comment to you, then send an email to all of the mods. Please provide a link to the comment so we can do something about it.

· If you troll, you will be banned.

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fem_activism (for local activism!)

Contact link for the moderating team.

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