No Boundaries (noboundariesipm) wrote in feminist_101,
No Boundaries

Educating Through Media

Hello! I am very happy to be in this community. One of my biggest passions is women's rights and feminism. I've gotten more into speaking out for feminism, and trying to educate others

I have a podcast where I talk about stuff like victim blaming, slut shaming, VAW, etc.

Tonight, to be blunt, I am talking vaginas (and more)! That's right I'm discussing everything that has to do with a biological woman "down there" (because vagina =/= woman, so that's why I specify).

It's interactive, so I hope people will join the chat (as a side note the number of people in the chat room does not reflect the number of people listening). To join just click the chat tab, try to type and then it will prompt you to create a user name (really simply)

Tonight at 10:30pm EST on

And please friend me if you like!
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