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help me learn basics

I was directed to this site to learn the lingo. I want to learn, understand, and be supportive. Please help. Are there other sites that you would recommend?
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February 4 2012, 22:49:49 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  February 4 2012, 22:50:08 UTC

You can also try Shakesville. :)
I have a few sites I love. Feministing.com is a great for keeping up with current events. I also follow the blogs Love, Joy, Feminism and Are Women Human?, but those are more niche. Definitely worth reading if you're interested in how feminist politics intersect with recovery from fundamentalist Christianity, and AWH? is also great on feminism and race.

There are also some good (fun, quick, informative) books you might consider checking out on the subject. I can't say enough good stuff about anything Jessica Valenti has written. Her target audience is young women just learning the ropes of feminism, so they can be a really good place to start. Her book The Purity Myth was where I started. It completely blew my mind. Full Frontal Feminism is a great basic primer on feminism, and He's a Stud, She's a Slut focuses specifically on gender-based double standards.
Thank you!