No Apologies (aidenfire) wrote in feminist_101,
No Apologies

Women-positive/body image activities for teenagers?

Hi all --

I work with teen girls, and I have the opportunity to spend an hour or so teaching them about the topic of my choice. I really want to do some sort of activity that will encourage them to think of women as more than their bodies or their sexuality, and to consider how society views women as unable to think for themselves and make good decisions about their own damn selves. The girls come from low-income, often situations of domestic violence, so a privilege checklist wouldn't work too well. Any ideas? I don't have too much narrowed down at this point, so any sort of women/body positive ideas are welcome.

Thanks in advance!
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Maybe you could give a run-down of some famous women and talk about the adversity they faced because of their gender. Like you could talk about Gloria Steinem and all the things she did for the feminist movement even though people were constantly talking about her body or her perceived sexual orientation.

And you could talk about Michelle Obama and how people are always focusing on what she's wearing, what her arms look like with her sleeveless dresses etc. etc. when they should really be focusing on all the great things she's done for racial issues and education.

OH! OH! And you could talk about how people constantly brought up how unfeminine Hillary Clinton was just because she was a woman in power.

And then you could draw it all back to how even though these women were/are constantly judged based on their looks, they worked hard for their achievements and have done a lot of good for the country (yeah, yeah, I'm USA-centric, but it's what I know best).