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Wanted: Feminist Artwork [01 Sep 2013|05:53pm]
Hi everyone! I'm pursuing my PhD in Psychology & Women's Studies, and will be teaching Introduction to Women's Studies this fall.

I am on the hunt for "feminist art" that I can incorporate into my teaching of Introduction to Women's Studies. Specifically, I'm looking for a home page image to use for my course website, as well as images for slides. Do you have an relevant artwork that I could use? Of course, I would give you credit whenever an image appeared on my slides/sites.

More generally, if you've ever taken a Women's Studies or Gender course, I'd love to hear your thoughts. What was the best part? Your least favorite part? Are there any particularly memorable assignments or discussions that stick out?

Thanks and I look forward to hearing back from you!

P.S. Sorry for any cross-posting
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Educating Through Media [03 Jun 2013|09:54pm]

Hello! I am very happy to be in this community. One of my biggest passions is women's rights and feminism. I've gotten more into speaking out for feminism, and trying to educate others

I have a podcast where I talk about stuff like victim blaming, slut shaming, VAW, etc.

Tonight, to be blunt, I am talking vaginas (and more)! That's right I'm discussing everything that has to do with a biological woman "down there" (because vagina =/= woman, so that's why I specify).

It's interactive, so I hope people will join the chat (as a side note the number of people in the chat room does not reflect the number of people listening). To join just click the chat tab, try to type and then it will prompt you to create a user name (really simply)

Tonight at 10:30pm EST on ipmNation.com/noboundaries

And please friend me if you like!
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1, 2, 3, GO! [11 Oct 2012|05:54pm]

Hello Humans,

I haven't been around much in years, so likely no one would remember me. But I was curious. If the Suffragettes were the 1st Wave, has anyone seen the Flappers referred to as the sort of original 3rd Wave of Feminism? They were mostly not interested in politics, but were extremely influential in the sexual liberation of women. They also made a sport of breaking down a lot of gender stereotypes, had sex out of wedlock, smoked, drove cars, rejected fashions that restricted their movement and instead celebrated the natural female form, etc.

Gay Male Ally in Training,
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help me learn basics [04 Feb 2012|12:11pm]
[ mood | curious ]

I was directed to this site to learn the lingo. I want to learn, understand, and be supportive. Please help. Are there other sites that you would recommend?

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I think it's derailing, but... [12 Nov 2011|07:44am]

I'm brand new to the comm, so please forgive me if I step on toes...

I'm currently looking for a website, article, whatever that can help me explain (or at least give me a clue by four to use on some denser online acquaintances) about discussions. Basically, I need something that explains why it's okay to leave discussions about what happens to marginalized groups to those groups and not go cluntering in with your non-marginalized experiences.

I've looked at Derailing For Dummies, and I don't see it addressed specifically.

I'm sick and tired of explaining to someone why I don't CARE what his experiences are as a man dealing with the Army's sexual assault policies or Equal Opportunity issues are, but rather I'm interested in how it affects women and women only. Heck, not just the Army, but rape discussions as a whole, along with any discussion about sexual harassment, sexual assault or anything of that nature. If I try to shut down the discussion, I'm accused of being closed minded and not willing to see that there are two sides to every issue. *eyeroll*

This man simply doesn't get that his experiences are tangential, not welcome and quite frankly, demeaning.

So, uh...help?
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Verbal behaviour towards women [04 Dec 2011|08:53pm]

Hello all,

recently I became a 'member' of the Pick-Up community, and read some mainstream 'literature' on the relationship between men and women, as well as non-fiction dealing with the psychology of communication.
I do this because I feel akward around other people (not just women, the whole humanity) and are generally shy and tend not to speak a lot.
I never had a girlfriend so far.

I'd like to personally grow, and become a more outgoing person. One problem is that i simply don't know how to behave or what to say to a woman I might find attractive. Im thinking about something that isn't sexist, or makes me look like a needy nice guy, or just a friend.

What would be some good male role models? What be a 'good' behaviour that could accomplish this? What can I do?

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Women-positive/body image activities for teenagers? [12 Oct 2011|09:17pm]

Hi all --

I work with teen girls, and I have the opportunity to spend an hour or so teaching them about the topic of my choice. I really want to do some sort of activity that will encourage them to think of women as more than their bodies or their sexuality, and to consider how society views women as unable to think for themselves and make good decisions about their own damn selves. The girls come from low-income, often situations of domestic violence, so a privilege checklist wouldn't work too well. Any ideas? I don't have too much narrowed down at this point, so any sort of women/body positive ideas are welcome.

Thanks in advance!
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Evo psych and sexual jealousy? [08 Jul 2011|09:17pm]
Hi everyone,
Unfortunately, as part of my psychology major, I've recently had to deal with the tripe/pseudoscience that is evolutionary psychology. I'm sure everyone is familiar with the naturalizing-female-subjugation-and-male-superiority that is a big part of this "science". I came across something though, and I'd like to share it and hear your thoughts and opinions.

Apparently, in heterosexual relationships, men and women experience different kinds of jealousy over their partner's infidelity. Men are more likely to have sexual jealousy (their jealousy will be triggered by cues to their partner's sexual infidelity), while women are more likely to experience emotional jealousy (their jealousy will center on emotional infidelity/cues that signal the long-term diversion of commitment and resources, such as their mate falling in love with another woman). Apparently, this is why when a man suspects that his female partner is cheating on him, he will go into a jealous rage (e.g. punching the other man).

I was thinking about this and relating it to my own experiences. I'm a bisexual female and have experiences with men and women (albeit very limited experience with women, so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about). With my last boyfriend, I did experience more emotional jealousy than sexual jealousy when I was with him. When I sort of dated this girl back in high school, I definitely experienced more sexual jealousy than emotional jealousy. I experience sexual and emotional jealousy with both people, but I think the sexual jealousy was a lot more pronounced with the girl.

But anyway, here's my take on this (because evo psych is crap): I think jealousy has less to do with the sex of the jealous person than it has to do with the gender of the (possibly cheating) partner. I think because of my internalized conceptions of men and women, I had different experiences of jealousy with these people. I'm obviously not a sexist or misogynist, but everybody has internalized conceptions of how they believe men and women are and should be like. There's a double standard concerning sex: its considered normal for men to sleep around, but not for women. If a woman sleeps around, she is a "slut", "whore", etc. Thus, her partner's jealousy will center more on sexual infidelity than emotional infidelity.

I also think men become more sexually jealous because they have an internalized sense of sexual entitlement to women (as well as other senses of entitlement), and if somebody threatens this entitlement, jealousy will ensue.

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[26 Jun 2011|11:45am]

So I've reacent;y gotten into feminism and have been reading several blogs about how privelige effects us now and so on but I've been running into a slight problem that I'm hoping everyone her can help me with. I live in Australia and pretty much everything I read is based in the USA or Northern America and I can't help but feel disconnected. Whenever I get into discusions with friends and family I also often get the response "that's only in the US, it's different here," which I feel is blatently untrue but as I am unable to back up my opinion I can't really say anything.

So I was wondering if anyone could help by pointing me in the direction of some feminist resources that deal with feminism in Australia.
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Hello! I am new to this community. [08 Jun 2011|01:00pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

 Hello everyone!
I am new to this community and pretty new to feminism.  I am pretty young and so haven't really had a chance to sculpt my political views etc. I guess you could say I am rather ignorant when it comes to feminism. Now, I have faced a few problems with some of my female friends. I recently came out as a lesbian, which wasn't met with opposition in regard to my friends, but I am faced with general ignorance. Many do not understand feminism and feel it is pointless.  I recently had a debate with one of my friends on the validity of lesbian sex. 

Debate on lesbian sexCollapse )

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Brand new to this community! [27 May 2011|12:07pm]

I've been wanting to really get into feminism for a while now. But lately I'm still deciding exactly what I am.
I will understand if you think this is a crap post.

about me ectCollapse )
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Price Waterhouse Cooper Sex Scandal [12 Nov 2010|10:21am]
For those of you who don't know seventeen senior male employees at Price Waterhouse Cooper have become embroiled in a scandal which might be seen to parallel the opening of the movie The Social Network. The Irish Times covers it here, Gawker here and the Google news feed is here.

Read moreCollapse )

Thoughts? Ideas? Con-crit?
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Lady Shut Up: When endlessly declaraing your commodity as identity schtick gets old... [31 Aug 2010|11:32am]

Esp. when it falls on deaf ears.

I have been really rethinking Lady Gaga's whole approach and I've come to the conclusion that she's bullshit, even though she would agree that the key to her empire IS bullshit. She opened a concert at Madison Square Garden declaring: “I hate the truth. See how far you can go with bullshit.” And as anyone can guess, it rained bullshit on stage for 2 ½ hours plus. Ok, two reasons, the first: she is ENTIRELY capitalist even if she is throwing the subjectless fetish commodity art right back at its consuming Logoed jaws. A lot of theorists about her deconstructionist style of pop music assume that she intends to subvert the genres and systems in which she is so deeply entrenched. I give her props for trying to subvert it, at least question it through itself, but once a sellout, always a sellout. READ THE CULTURE INDUSTRY GIRL! I suppose she is not choosing sides but simply living out the “Business culture is the culture” contradiction. Product placement is still product placement. And even while she is making fun of Corporate America, the majority of America doesn’t see that, is not aware of it. She has not made a single literal statement about the state of egoistic consumer culture because she feels that it IS the truth; she buys the mask, the image, she believes that behind our consumptive habits, desires, and addictions, we are identity-less, we are nothing. While we would descend into anarchy if our institutions and our cultural identities vanished, we certainly wouldn’t be NOTHING. Perhaps we would finally find ourselves? Think Fight Club (even though it’s essentially the same phenomenon as Gaga just backwards). I do give her props for going on Barbara Walters and Larry King and dressing almost completely like them while the rest of the world paid no attention to that TINY detail. Ok, yes, that was cool. But that’s as far as you can get with her schtick: cool.

Her other intention at shows is to create “a celebration of shame” and live out “a rejection of insecurity.” She proclaims that her shows will free others of insecurity if they just indulge in her techno pop trauma-reliving self-reflexive excess. While I think it is important to discuss and express the “dark” sides of ourselves and our society, simply recreating it without resolution is retarded. She preaches for love and unity and civil disobedience rather than self-defensive violence while making a total of 3 videos in which she poisons men and kills them. I doubt that motif is her claim to fame, and I could really live without that contradiction, because it just screams unresolved issues rather than cultural commentary. Ok, domestic violence sucks, but as we come to learn: if you relive and create the trauma on the other, you are stuck in the same abusive patterns. You gotta want to make yourself grow, rather than keep yourself down in the perpetrator’s gaze that you graft to your own. It’s your decision; I guess you haven’t come to it yet. Perhaps you can spin that lesson into your spectacle at some point? Too sappy? Wisdom is pretty much the opposite of infantile cultures of excess. A rejection of insecurity would be real positive self-empowerment as a resolution (strength), not wallowing in a fantastical repressed-unrepressed spectacle world you believe to be the only real TRUTH. Being obsessed with the self is the surest way to insanity and disunity. And I doubt she's crafting that hidden message through her performance act. It makes me miss the days when Fiona Apple got up on the VMA stage and told everyone the world is bullshit and to go with yourself. I guess I side with ol' Fiona. I mean, can you find moments of clarity through Gaga's message? It's the culture that's disgusting, not you, not me, not us. Why embrace it thoughtlessly or thoughtfully?

Pop Art is important; art and art theory moved from literal representation to impressionistic representation, to abstract expressionism, and then logically descending into art as social commentary and statement.
But does art that reproduces itself as consumer culture in order to make a statement about it really get through to the irrational masses? Nope. It takes a critical mind to do that and critical thought went out the window at the same time social commentary became art.

This is all just debate in my head and stuff, but I really do think I am on to something here. I mean you can tell just from her interview answers that she can't reflect truly on any valid criticisms directed toward her. Guess that's the bullshit effect.
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on rape, skimpy clothing and the male sex drive [08 Aug 2010|11:50pm]

A woman getting raped because she was wearing skimpy clothing by a man who got horny seeing her and/or felt "she deserved it anyway" is not justified, but I'm not quite sure what to make of "it's not justified because women have a right to wear skimpy clothing". My two cents:

1. Nobody deserves to be raped. Ever.

2. I guess I'm not really a fan of women (anybody, actually) wearing skimpy clothing. You have the right to dress in whatever way you want, but dressing skimpily comes across to me as objectifying yourself. And, even without that, I find it improper. Maybe women do or don't dress skimpily because they want to feel good about themselves/their sexuality (the only reasons I can think of that does not involve looking good for men), but I don't think it has to be done that way. Wanting to look good for yourself or being comfortable with the fact that you're a sexual being is good, but there are ways to do it that don't clash with propriety. (So yes, I admit that personal bias does color my opinion a bit.)

3. And it's sexist towards men as well. The way I see it, it's based on the notion of "boys will be boys". While it's accepted that the male sex drive is stronger than the female's, it doesn't mean that said sex drive is the only, or at least, the primary, thing that drives men. Men have brains, and they can control their raging hormones. They're not animals that operate on instinct and drives alone.

What do you think?
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The Hayley Williams fiasco. [28 May 2010|11:44pm]

Hey, I'm new here.

I'm assuming most of you know about the Hayley Williams situation that occurred last night - she took a topless photo of herself and accidentally posted it on Twitter.

Today, I posted my opinion on the whole thing on tumblr:

click here for full textCollapse )

A girl I follow on tumblr (and who follows me back), posted this:

click here for full textCollapse )

What stood out to me the most (and what's most relevant to this community) was this part:

3. all this public, cruel, unnecessary ridicule is just another form of — you guessed it — slut-shaming. punishing a woman for not being careful or covert enough with the expression of her sexuality, rather than saying, “hey, those are some nice boobs, OK, gonna move on with my life now.” what’s particularly ironic is the array of “hey, she was really stupid to do this, but don’t make fun of her body!” sorts of comments. how about you quit calling her stupid for making a mistake, which in the grand scheme of things is really NOT A BIG DEAL (it’s nakedness, we all get naked sometimes, who cares), because otherwise that sentence is a load of hypocrisy. insulting her body isn’t OK, but insulting her character or intelligence over something this infinitesimal is? what kind of feminist are you?

What I'm asking is, is she right and I'm wrong? Is there a right and wrong answer? I don't know. I think she probably is more schooled in feminism than I - I'm admittedly less educated than most, which is what prompted me to join this community. Compared to her views, mine are more conservative - that's obvious, I think.

Anybody want to shine a light on this? I've read her argument multiple times and I'm beginning to think she has a point. This is her tumblr: http://posthumanism.tumblr.com/

(BTW, I debated posting this in wtf_sexism, but I realized that we're really not comparing the reactions to male vs. female nudity here.)
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Family Guy's Transphobic Mother's Day Episode [10 May 2010|05:28pm]

Family Guy an animated television series on Fox aired an extremely transphobic episode on Mother's Day. The episode called "Quagmire's Dad" was about a big life change for his father, a recognized Navy war hero veteran. The episode is filled with homophobic and transphobic language and judgment.


Take action by emailing askfox@fox.com and tell them to pull the episode off the air.
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[09 May 2010|01:03pm]

I know this is a long shot...

Does anyone have the first chapter to Eve Sedgwick's "Epistemology of the Closet"? Google Books only has the Introduction for viewing, but I know the first chapter has been reproduced in a number of books and I was hoping someone knew where to find it online or had it as a file they could pass along. Thanks for any/all help!
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mae west and feminism [10 Apr 2010|10:39pm]

can someone recommend any works on mae west from a feminist pov?
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CNN's Kyra Phillips Questions Whether Homosexuality Needs a "Cure" [06 Apr 2010|04:01pm]

In a CNN segment called 'Finding a "cure" for homosexuality?' by anchor Kyra Phillips the network has given the pseudo-scientific topic of "ex-gay" therapy and its proponents a national platform to advocate for their harmful and unsound work.

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