bimbo_zombie (bimbo_zombie) wrote in feminist_101,

Brand new to this community!

I've been wanting to really get into feminism for a while now. But lately I'm still deciding exactly what I am.
I will understand if you think this is a crap post.

Are there any feminists out there who are pro-baby, pro-family, pro-opinions, pro-jobs-for-women, anti-firing-women-just-for-starting-a-family-then-giving-her-husband-a-raise-for-no-reason, anti-discrimination, anti-hypocrisy, anti-generalisations and pro-believing-in-and-ultimate-being and pro-choosing-your-own-opinions-all-by-yourself?

Because according to feminist groups and blogs and actual 'feminists' I have 'spoken' to: being a feminist means that I am not allowed to make my own choices, not allowed to choose what I like and not allowed to have my own opinions.

Yes, I am a non-religious Christian. I CHOSE this. I LIKE this.
Yes, I would like to have a job someday and not be fired just for having a family while my husband in the same job gets a raise just for having a family. I CHOSE this. I LIKE this.
Yes, I'm not getting an abortion because I don't have any good reasons to. I can call myself Pro-Life. I will also call myself Pro-Choice because I CHOSE this. I LIKE this.
Yes, I would have a baby if I ever got pregnant. I CHOSE this. I LIKE this.
Yes, I would acknowledge the existence of many options and will actually look at all of them before deciding. I CHOSE this. I LIKE this.
These are all my own choices.

I'm also anti racism, anti discrimination against disabilities, illnesses ect, and anti discrimination against religion (even though I don't exactly follow one)

I haven't found very many who are like me.
Is there anyone else in this group like me?
A few times I have actually considered giving up on feminism completely. Is there a name for someone like me if I don't fit into feminism?

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